Shareholder and Partnership Agreements

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Partnership and shareholder agreements are an essential part of business structuring; they help business owners establish the foundation and guidelines for ownership structures and decision-making processes within their business. Investing in these agreements clarifies roles, responsibilities, and profit-sharing mechanisms, fostering stability, aligning interests, and preventing potential conflicts among stakeholders.

Our shareholder and partnership agreement lawyers can advise you on: 

Our Partnership and Shareholder Agreement Lawyers Can Help With 

Partnership  Agreements

We can draft and review tailored legal partnership contracts to define rights and responsibilities among partners, ensuring clarity in business collaborations. 

Shareholder Agreement

We craft customised shareholder agreements that outline shareholder rights, responsibilities, and dispute resolution mechanisms for corporate governance and ownership protection.

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At H+A Legal, we are ready to provide partnership legal advice for businesses across all industries.  

If you’re starting a new company, our team is ready to assist you in establishing a company that optimises the structure for growth and efficiency; our experienced Sydney-based lawyers provide tailored solutions. 

With our expertise, you can navigate all aspects of business structuring, including business contracts, terms and conditions, intellectual property protection, commercial leases, complex regulatory frameworks and more.

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