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Contracts or agreements are an essential part of business structuring. These legal documents support business transactions and outline rights, obligations, and remedies that provide protection and legal certainty to the parties involved. Businesses that work with commercial agreement lawyers get precise contracts that can help their companies mitigate disputes, protect interests, and foster trust among parties, ensuring smooth operations and minimising legal risks in every business interaction.

Our Commercial Contract Lawyers Can help With 

Sale of Business Contracts

Our lawyers are here to assist you in navigating legal complexities for smooth transfers, including drafting and reviewing business sale documentation and negotiating while safeguarding your interests throughout.

Confidentiality and Non-disclosure Agreements

We craft agreements designed to protect sensitive information, fostering trust and security in business dealings. 

Service and Consultancy Agreements

We provide tailored legal advice for service providers and consultants, ensuring clarity, fairness, and legitimacy in agreements and operations.

Employment and Contractor Agreements

We help businesses safeguard employer and contractor rights with precise agreements, compliance guidance, and resolution strategies in employment disputes.

Distribution and Supply Contracts

We assist businesses in structuring agreements to optimise distribution networks and supply chains, protecting interests and fostering profitable partnerships.


We facilitate licensing agreements with meticulous drafting and negotiation, ensuring compliance and maximising the value of intellectual property assets.

Loan Agreements

We provide valuable guidance and assistance throughout the loan agreement process, helping to ensure that your rights are protected and that your agreement is fair, enforceable and aligns with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

We Help You Structure Your Business

At H+A Legal, we are ready to provide expert legal advice for structuring businesses across all industries. 

If you’re starting a new company, our team is ready to assist you in establishing a company that optimises the structure for growth and efficiency.

With our expertise, you can navigate complex business contracts as well as other aspects of business structuring, including shareholder partnership agreements, terms and conditions, commercial leases and more.

Lay a solid foundation for long-term commercial success with H+A Legal as your business partner.

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