Employee Share Schemes

Employee Share Schemes in Sydney

Empower your team through employee share schemes with the help of our H+A Legal team. 

Employee share schemes are part of business structuring; they are designed to incentivise and retain talent by offering ownership stakes in the company. Implementing share incentive plans not only motivates employees but also aligns their interests with business success, improving engagement, loyalty, and company performance.

Why Establish An Employee Share Agreement?

Employee share ownership can be used to achieve the following business outcomes:

Employee Retention and Attraction

Establishing share agreements incentivises loyalty and attracts top talent by offering a stake in the company’s success.

Align Business and Employee Interests

Share agreements ensure employees’ goals align with company objectives, fostering a cohesive and motivated workspace.

Offer Flexible Remuneration Packages

Share agreements allow for diverse compensation structures, providing employees with options beyond traditional salary and improving recruitment and retention. 

Encourage Productivity

Share agreements tie employee efforts directly to company success, fostering a culture of productivity.

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