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As part of our comprehensive business transaction services, we offer estate planning and asset protection services. Estate planning involves structuring your affairs to ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes after your passing. Asset protection, on the other hand, focuses on safeguarding your assets from potential business risks such as legal disputes, creditor claims, and bankruptcy risks. 

Our experienced team of asset lawyers can guide you through these processes to ensure your assets and legacy are protected.

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What does an asset protection lawyer do for businesses?

Asset protection lawyers help businesses safeguard assets from various risks and third parties. This includes developing strategies, including suitable trust arrangements to protect assets in cases of legal disputes, creditor claims, and bankruptcy risks. 
At H+A Legal, we provide guidance on structuring business and transactions to minimise exposure to potential liabilities.

When should I consider hiring an asset protection lawyer for my business?

Asset protection strategies can help safeguard your assets and minimise risks. You should consider hiring an asset protection lawyer:

How is asset protection planning different from estate planning?

While estate planning focuses on ensuring your assets are distributed according to your wishes after your passing, asset protection planning focuses on safeguarding your assets during your lifetime. 

Asset protection planning involves legal strategies and structures aimed at minimising risks and protecting assets from potential threats. 

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Protecting your business assets and ensuring smooth transactions are essential for your business’s success. When you trust our team for legal assistance, rest assured that we work in the best interest of your business.

Contact us to speak with our experienced asset protection lawyers and learn how we can help safeguard assets and navigate business transactions effectively; we provide assistance in different legal aspects, including asset sale contracts, share sale contracts, mergers and acquisitions, capital raising and more. 

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