How We Work

Choose your bespoke pricing solution today

The client journey is completely driven by you. We offer tailored solutions through a range of fixed-fee and subscription pricing options which are suited to your business’s goals, business size and legal requirements.


Our Subscription Service  is an exciting and innovative product developed by us based on direct feedback from our clients and in response to a perceived disconnect between lawyers and the SME marketplace.

The LawPlan journey begins with a deep dive session with our client during which we identify our clients goals and reverse engineer a service framework that is consistent with those business goals. The ambition of the subscription framework is to encourage communication between lawyers and their clients (which is not necessarily supported by an hourly fee for service model), have a system of accountability that promotes the execution of the defined outcomes, provides the client with absolute clarity as to pricing (with a fixed monthly fee for the term of the subscription).

Let your business be defined by your vision of the future and not a memory of the past by booking in a Deep Dive session with us today!

Fixed Fee

We provide our clients with fixed fee quotes to complete specified works. This means that you can budget and forecast for our work prior to any engagement with us. We pride ourselves on offering complete upfront transparency in our engagement with you.

Hourly Rates

Our ambition is to engage with our clients in a framework that they are most comfortable with. Whilst the traditional hourly rate model may not be the right framework for every matter, there are some times of matters (for example, Litigation) where this framework may still provide the best outcome.

Hourly rates are particularly suitable for unpredictable matters, and matters where the scope of the work is likely to change.

In certain circumstances, we may utilise a mixture of both fixed fees and hourly rates. A fixed fee will be charged where it is possible to identify a fixed set of work that needs to be completed, and an hourly rate charged for matters that arise which are not entirely straightforward or it is not possible to identify the time it will take to complete.