How to protect your business from 3 top e-commerce risks

May 29, 2023

Operating a small side hustle or a full-blown enterprise? Selling online comes with its own set of risks. As experienced Sydney e-commerce lawyers and advisors, we’ve seen it firsthand.

From protecting your Intellectual Property (IP) to defending your business in court, an experienced Sydney e-commerce lawyer can help you keep unwelcome risks at bay.

The 3 most common e-commerce risks

In addition to the responsibilities of physical retail businesses, e-commerce businesses also manage online payments and customer privacy. Your business may need a commercial lawyer to give advice on a number of these responsibilities. However, this post explores how to protect yourself from the three most common e-commerce risks, including:

1) Disputes and litigation

Sales terms and conditions form the basis of the most important contract for e-commerce businesses. This is because they protect businesses against customer disputes, which are more common than business owners may think. An e-commerce lawyer will draft and polish your business’ terms and conditions so that they comply with Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and are tailored to your needs.

Once your terms and conditions are air tight, consider protecting yourself from other common disputes. Do this with properly drafted agreements for shareholders, confidentiality, joint venture and partnerships, employment and contractors and distribution and supply. Don’t know where to begin? Our team of experienced e-commerce lawyers can walk you through each contract you need to cover all bases. 

2) Breaching privacy obligations and ACL

Long-winded e-commerce laws and regulations, industry jargon, and countless business obligations can seem confusing. A e-commerce lawyer will help ensure your business dealings comply with every relevant legal and privacy obligation. This will bring you peace of mind and allow you to focus on growing your business.

If you’re ever in doubt about whether a law affects your business, seek counsel (preferably experienced counsel). An experienced e-commerce lawyer will spend the time to understand your business goals. They can then guide you through each stage of the business lifecycle and advise you on the best business structure. This will give you everything you need to understand how and when to make a change.

3) Recovering outstanding debt

Drafting the best contracts and getting the best advice will protect your business. However, things can sometimes still go south. Customers can suddenly stop paying their invoices for one. And while Tom, Dick and Harry might have an opinion on how to avoid litigation, always seek legal help for serious matters. Having an experienced e-commerce lawyer onboard early make a huge difference. Think reducing and preventing the time-draining and business-shaking strain that debt recovery can place on an e-commerce business. 

If you’re already in the middle of the pain-staking debt recovery process, get in touch. Our team will work with you to achieve the best commercial outcomes. We will also put measures in place to prevent anything similar from recurring. 

Need a Sydney e-commerce lawyer?

When it comes to all things legal, prevention is better than the cure. So, if you’re a proactive e-commerce business owner with a vision for long-term success, it’s time to team up with an experienced e-commerce lawyer. Get in touch with our team at H+A Legal today. We’ll keep you on track to achieving your goals.


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