The #1 way to protect your business according to experienced Sydney business lawyers

Your business could be missing a vital piece of armour. Our experienced Sydney business lawyers are ready to spill all they know about your first line of defence – expertly drafted terms and conditions.

Why do you need to protect your business?

Regardless of how you built your business, it goes without saying that you’ve put the hard yards. But, while your nose is to the grindstone establishing, maintaining, or transforming your business, don’t forget about protecting it too.

A single disagreement or controversy can send the laborious journey of building a business tumbling. And unfortunately, as your business grows, litigation and stakeholder disputes are inevitable. Being aware of, and preparing for litigation and other e-commerce business risks is the best way to safeguard your hard work.

The aftermath of litigation can also be devastating, so avoiding it at all costs is the best plan. The number one way to do this is with some good old-fashioned terms and conditions (T&Cs).

Does my business really need terms and conditions?

To put it simply, yes. A professional compilation of business terms and conditions will shield your business from the unfortunate case of a dispute. This is the case whether you’re selling handmade jewellery, running the local butcher, or launching a meditation app. Yes, your T&Cs will depend on your business type and unique circumstances. Are you running an ecommerce or service-orientated business? Maybe you’re running an online marketplace. But, who your T&Cs protect remains the same – you and your business.

What are eCommerce terms and conditions?

If you’re an e-commerce or online business, your T&Cs will revolve around your sales. Think terms that cover your return policies, pricing and payment terms, intellectual property and limitation of liability. Your T&Cs should also be easily accessible to all website visitors.

What do terms and conditions look like for service-oriented businesses?

If you’re a service-based business, your business T&Cs will revolve around client agreements or service terms. They should include thing like payment terms, the scope of services, cancellation policy, intellectual property and limitation of liability. Your T&Cs will also vary significantly based on your industry and individual requirements. For example, a hair salon’s T&Cs will be worlds apart from a creative agency’s.

What do marketplace terms and conditions cover?

Marketplace T&Cs establish the terms of supplier and consumer relationships. They lay out the rules for using your marketplace platform. You’ll want to include terms on restrictions, warranty disclaimers, privacy and data protection, and more. There are many different parties involved, and each platform can vary greatly. This means that drafting T&Cs tailored to your business is crucial for proper protection.

How to get an experienced business lawyer on board

No matter your industry or sector, we can help. At H+A Legal we can draft, polish and advise on your business T&Cs – the first step in protecting your valuable business. Reach out to our team of experienced Sydney business lawyers today.